Party Pictures...

I had this crazy idea that we could turn our garage into a whole cityscape within a couple of days... boy was I wrong.  I must have spent several hours on just one building while there were a few dozen to do.  Eventually this turned into a family project... with grandmas, grandpas, uncles, and aunties taking on a few buildings each.  In the end there were still a few buildings that were lacking windows and doors but hey, the party must go on...
birthday boy ANTONIO!

Wham! Bam! Pow! centerpieces

presents & capes 
my wonderful grandma helped me sew 40 something capes!


notice my painfully detailed building next to a blank nothing :( 



this game was a hit! the kids had to "sling" the bad guys down.
we must have went through a dozen cans of silly string...

friends & family

my mexican husband insisted we have a 

then again... why would we want to bash open 
our favorite superhero???

bounce house FLYING ACADEMY

our littlest monkey with one of his own :)

cake time! notice our lovely store bought cake!

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