Now That's a Bright Balloon!

courtesy of Treb Heining via the OC Register 

Credit: Eng Kiat Tan / Haque Design + Research

Now this is a cute idea for a night time party.  I can just imagine lighting up my backyard with a bunch of these white balloons.  Legendary balloon entrepreneur Treb Heining recently brought these LED lit Mickey balloons to Disneyland's Electrical Light Parade.  You can see a really cool video of them on You Tube.  These color changing Mickey balloons are lit by a Light Up Balloon Stick and you can purchase them here.  If you're going for a simpler look, Balloon Brites offers a balloon light with the option of a fast blink, a slow blink, or a steady glow.  Glowing balloons? Now there's a bright idea! 

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