Cherry Blossom Party

The cherry blossom is my most favorite-ist flower.  I have cherry blossom soap and cherry blossom lotion and cherry blossom scented candles.  I even have my jewelry collection hanging from cherry blossom branches.  Over time I have collected many pictures of cherry blossom inspired items so I decided to put together a cherry blossom party inspiration collage.  So pretty!

Resources: Cherry Blossom Sky found on flickr ~ Cake found on Martha Stewart Weddings ~ Cherry Blossom close up ~ Candles available at Bridal Favorites ~ Asian fan available at Favor Studio ~ Cupcakes made by Hello Naomi ~ Centerpiece idea found on InStyle Weddings ~ Cherry Blossom print lanterns available  at Amazon ~ Dessert Bar created by Amy Atlas ~

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  1. Amazing and unique, keep it up.