Will Be Back...

Sugar on the Rock will be away for the rest of the summer.  Check back soon for more things sweet and partyful.  Until then...


Layer Cake Shop

An oh-so-wonderful online bakers supply shop just opened! Layer Cake Shop features a collection of the cutest cupcake decor and packaging.  Take advantage of their free shipping for all US orders over $50 for the month of July.  You can never have too many fancy cupcake liners and colorful sprinkles! 


Poker Party

I made these cupcakes for my grandmother's 75th birthday a couple years back.  She had a casino night birthday bash so I thought that these poker themed cupcakes would be just perfect.  They even make these cute poker sprinkles which I tried to order but unfortunately couldn't have shipped in time.  You can find them here at the Confectionery House.


Cherry Blossom Party

The cherry blossom is my most favorite-ist flower.  I have cherry blossom soap and cherry blossom lotion and cherry blossom scented candles.  I even have my jewelry collection hanging from cherry blossom branches.  Over time I have collected many pictures of cherry blossom inspired items so I decided to put together a cherry blossom party inspiration collage.  So pretty!

Resources: Cherry Blossom Sky found on flickr ~ Cake found on Martha Stewart Weddings ~ Cherry Blossom close up ~ Candles available at Bridal Favorites ~ Asian fan available at Favor Studio ~ Cupcakes made by Hello Naomi ~ Centerpiece idea found on InStyle Weddings ~ Cherry Blossom print lanterns available  at Amazon ~ Dessert Bar created by Amy Atlas ~



I absolutely love love CRUMBS cupcakes! I recently made some cupcakes last minute for a neighbor's graduation party and decided to decorate them, well... CRUMBY.  Although my version cannot compare to the goodness of Crumbs... they disappeared in a flash.  Here are a few photos of the short lived cupcakes.




Our 4 year old recently graduated from preschool and in the spirit of all things graduation I am posting a tasty grad party project.  These cute little graduation caps are made out of peanut butter cups and chocolate bars.  Once again... the clever mind behind this creation belongs to none other than miss Bakerella herself.  You can find out how to make them here.      

Of course there is also a cake pop version that can be custom made to the color of your choosing.  This is also an option for those of us who live peanut-free.  Our youngest is allergic to all things peanut... no nuts please!



One day I will throw myself a most beautiful romantic reception dinner... and when I do... it will look like this.